Posterior Fusion System

The AILERON Posterior Fusion System attaches to the spinous processes for the purpose of achieving fusion in conjunction with bone graft. With minimal exposure and dissection, AILERON responds to the patient’s and surgeon’s need for a simple, reliable, and less invasive system.

  • Less invasive approach results in minimal tissue disruption and trauma
  • Unique core design maximizes graft containment volume
  • Aggressive fixation spikes allow for increased stability and security

Procedural Solutions

LONGBOW® e-LIF™ Spacer System

  • May decrease the amount of retraction by as much as 45%
  • Simplified insertion of bone graft after expansion
  • Radiopaque tantalum markers improve intraoperative visualization

PROLIFT® Expandable Spacer System

  • Controlled in-situ expansion allows for maximum disc height restoration
  • Bullet tip simplifies insertion
  • Tactile confirmation prevents over distraction

PLATEAU®-Ti Titanium Spacer System

  • Osseo-Loc™ surface treatment helps provide an optimal environment for bone growth
  • Straight and curved implants in parallel and lordotic versions
  • Aggressive tooth pattern prevents graft migration

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