Procedural Solutions with Expandable Technology.

We’re taking spinal care to the next level. Through innovative designs and the highest quality products, Life Spine is improving both the quality of life for our patients and available options for surgeons. Our Micro Invasive Expandable Technology is designed to preserve anatomy, restore alignment, and allow for a customizable fit for every patient.

Focused on Innovation.

As a leader in Micro Invasive Expandable Technology we are focused on bringing you innovative products to help you continue to meet a wide range of procedures while also meeting surgical and facility goals.

Osseo-Loc Surface Technology.

Our proprietary surface technology.

In Situ Graft Delivery.

Streamlined graft delivery post implantation & expansion fills implant and endplate concavities.

In Situ Expansion.

Controlled and continuous in situ expansion reduces the need for sequential trialing as well as provides the ability to lock at any height for a patient matched fit.

Potential Cost Savings.

In a single-site retrospective study including 25 patients, ProLift was found to reduce OR time by up to 132 min (71%) when compared to previously reported averages¹.
ProLift® Micro Expandable Spacer System, by Life Spine, offers a micro invasive solution for Endoscopic Fusions

Case Study: ProLift

76 year old female

Type of Care:
Degenerative disc disease with grade 1 sponylolisthesis and central canal stenosis at L4-L5

MIS TLIF with ProLift Expandable Spacer System and AVATAR MIS System

Better Together. Procedural Solutions.

1. Data on File. Review of Data from Dr. Zeshan Hyder, Bone & Joint Specialists, Merryville, IN

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