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Corporate Transparency

Life Spine’s Commitment to Innovation and Patient Needs

  • The Company has five clinical studies ongoing, validating the safety and efficacy of the Micro Invasive Procedures.
  • Early clinical data indicates a potential 71% DECREASE in surgical time, in addition to reductions in recovery time and overall procedural cost.
  • Life Spine is committed to training– more than 350 Surgeons have been trained within the PULSE Lab to perform Micro Invasive Surgery amongst other newly developed procedures.
  • Life Spine is an R&D driven company. An organizing principle of the Company has been to collaborate with end users (surgeons), identify and develop new technology and bring those technologies to market. The Company will continue to execute product development with surgeon collaboration in its pursuit of yielding the best surgical solutions for patients.

Life Spine’s Growth

  • Life Spine has grown significantly due to both the uniqueness of its product portfolio and its depth.  The Research and Development (R&D) effort is driven by the needs of patients and the surgeons it serves:
  • Part of this process relies upon surgeons who inform design requirements that address the needs of the user – a standard industry practice; required by the FDA and guided by the OIG
  • Life Spine brought 106 product systems to market through 2018.
  • The number of unique surgeon users of Life Spine products has grown to more than 1000.
  • Through its R&D efforts and collaboration with physician inventors, Life Spine has been awarded more than 170 patents for medical devices and procedures.

Life Spine’s Products

The Company has had approximately 30 product development consultants engaged throughout the last 36 months; currently managing more than 50 unique R&D projects.

There have not been and are no claims questioning the quality, safety, or effectiveness of Life Spine technologies.

Life Spine’s Compliance Program

  • Life Spine has had a compliance program in place since 2007. In keeping with its commitment to scaling its compliance program with its growing business, Life Spine has made continuous improvement efforts throughout the years including the addition of an in-house compliance officer and a compliance reporting hotline. Life Spine will continue to prioritize compliance in order to ensure it will be a market leader in ethics and compliance.

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