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What is Micro-Invasive

Spine Surgery?

Micro-Invasive spine surgery is sometimes called minimally invasive spine

surgery. In these procedures, doctors use specialized instruments and

implants to access the spine through small incisions to fix common

back problems with less damage to the body

Micro Invasive TLIF

Potential Advantages of a

• Better cosmetic results from smaller skin incisions (sometimes as small as 2cm)

• Less blood loss from surgery

• Reduced risk of muscle damage since less cutting of the muscle is required

• Reduced risk of infection and postoperative pain

• Faster recovery from surgery and less rehabilitation required




Get your Life Back.

Life Spine's Micro Invasive TLIF utilizes the latest innovations

in expandable technology to help you get back to work - faster.


Traditional Approach

MI Approach

Typically, your surgeon will make one or more small

incisions depending on the number of surgical levels or

complexity of the procedure being performed.

Disc Removal

During the procedure, your surgeon will gently remove part of the soft

disc material. An appropriate interbody device, chosen by your surgeon,

will be placed in the area of the removed disc to:

• Help restore normal disc height

• Provide stability and mechanical support between the

vertebral bodies (bones) during the healing and fusion processes

That segment of your spine will eventually stabilize once the healing

and fusion process occurs


Interbody devices sit between the two vertebrae to replace the disc

and hold the two vertebrae in the correct position.

Expandable interbody devices are at the forefront of technology,

and expand in place to restore or maintain normal alignment and disc

height. These types of devices allow for a smaller incision and the

potential for a faster recovery.

and strength to the fusion while it heals. Posterior fixation is placed

Posterior fixation is typically used in a spinal fusion to add extra support

above and below the vertebrae that are to be fused.

Micro Invasive posterior fixation require a smaller incision with less

damage to the body then with open surgery.


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What to do next?

Preparation begins weeks before the actual surgery.

Be informed, and bring this education brochure to your

surgeon appointments.

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*Patients of Dr. Zeshan Hyder, Bone & Joint Specialists, IN

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