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Surgery performed by Dr. Keith Maxwell, NC

Micro Invasive SI Patient

Micro Invasive SI Joint Fixation: Bridget’s Story

For ten years I have suffered with the pain in my leg. Two years ago it got to he point where I couldn’t manage the pain at all. Medicine, doctors, I’ve had several shots, I have tried physical therapy, I basically went through everything I was able to do.

The pain never actually went away. the last place that I worked at is where I actually fell, and that was the major point that turned my life around.

I can’t explain how happy I am after having this surgery and going on with my life. I couldn’t image having my old life again, I am back to doing the things I love. I am able to walk again and stand without pain. I am back to my typical daily functions and am getting stronger each day. Dr. Maxwell is a miracle for what he has done for me.