Cervical Spacer System

The PLATEAU-C cervical spacers are designed with large, open graft areas for maximum bone graft capacity. The spacers are available in parallel and lordotic versions to accommodate varying patient anatomies.

  • Parallel and lordotic configurations
  • Large, open graft windows for maximum visibility and bone graft containment
  • Radiopaque tantalum rod markers improve intraoperative visualization

Procedural Solutions

GRUVE™ Anterior Cervical Plate System

  • CAM locking mechanism ensures locking of screws for optimal angles
  • Audible, tactile and visual confirmations of locking mechanism provide confidence in preventing screw backout
  • Self-drilling/self-tapping fixed and variable angle bone screw configurations provide intra-operative flexibility for surgeon preferences and anatomical differences

IRIS® Anterior Cervical Plate System

  • Zero-Step integrated locking mechanism
  • Tactile and visual confirmation of final screw placement
  • Self-drilling/self-tapping fixed and variable angle bone screw configurations

KINETIC®-SL Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plate System

  • Up to 2mm of fully adjustable internal dynamization per level
  • Pre-lordosed plates ranging in length to accommodate 1-5 level procedures
  • Bone screws available with a fast turn thread design in both fixed and variable angle configurations