First Cases with DYNA-LINK Ti

First Cases with DYNA-LINK Ti


Huntley, IL, May 28, 2020 –

Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, announced today the first surgeries with the DYNA-LINK Ti Stand-Alone ALIF Spacer System.

“The DYNA-LINK Ti System instrumentation and implants provided excellent intra and post-operative results for my patient requiring the anterior approach,” said Dr. Ali Mesiwala of the Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine. “The wide variety of footprints and lordotic options allows for restoration of disc height and spinal pelvic parameters for each patient. Additionally, the system allows for up to 45° of screw angulation, which is ideal at L5-S1, and has built in cam locks to simplify final locking.”

Dr. Richard Weiner of Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine said, “The DYNA-LINK Ti System is an innovative device that I am looking forward to utilizing in a variety of procedures. The large, open graft windows allow for ample amounts of graft material without compromising ease of insertion and structural integrity.”

DYNA-LINK Ti features Life Spine’s proprietary OSSEO-LOC™ surface technology and large, open graft windows. The system comes in footprints of 34mm x 24mm, 38mm x 28mm and 42mm x 30mm. Additionally, there are three lordotic options of 6°, 12° and 18° and heights ranging from 11-17mm. The screws allow for stand-alone use of the system and offer angulation up to 45°. However, the system can also be utilized with barbs, which feature teeth and a threaded head designed for ease of removal, if supplemental fixation is utilized.

About Life Spine

Life Spine is dedicated to improving the quality of life for spinal patients by increasing procedural efficiency and efficacy through innovative design, uncompromising quality standards, and the most technologically advanced manufacturing platforms.  Life Spine, which is privately held, is based in Huntley, Illinois.  For more information, please visit: and/or