Sales Growth of SIMPACT

Sales Growth of SIMPACT

Life Spine Announces Record Sales Growth of SIMPACT®Sacroiliac Fixation System

Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, announced today continued accelerated market adoption and high sales growth for the SIMPACT Sacroiliac Joint Fixation system, since commercialization at the start of the 2018 calendar year.

“Clinical economics and patient outcomes are the cornerstone to the development of all of our procedural based portfolio additions. SIMPACT provides our surgeon partners a fixation system designed to deliver clinical options, streamlined work flow, as well as reproducible outcomes through a self-drilling screw, and percutaneous tube-based delivery system,” noted Mariusz Knap, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

SIMPACT Sacroiliac Joint Fixation system incorporates the proprietary surface technology OSSEO-LOC™, and consists of cannulated implants offered in various lengths, and threaded configurations to accommodate variations in patient anatomy. It is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including degenerative sacroiliitis and sacroiliac joint disruptions.

About Life Spine

Life Spine is dedicated to improving the quality of life for spinal patients by increasing procedural efficiency and efficacy through innovative design, uncompromising quality standards, and the most technologically advanced manufacturing platforms. Life Spine, which is privately held, is based in Huntley, Illinois. For more information, please visit: