The PROLIFT Expandable Spacer System with Osseo-Loc Surface Technology, provides a Micro Invasive solution for TLIF and PLIF procedures. With up to 6mm of in situ expansion, ProLift allows for restoration of normal anatomic disc height and decompression of neural elements. Streamlined instrumentation provides the surgeon minimal tissue disruption and nerve retraction while achieving surgical goals and restoring patient alignment.

Expandable Interbodies

Data from a single-site retrospective study including 25 patients

Reduced Surgical Time.1

Minimized Insertion Height.2

Patient Matched Expansion.2

Static Interbodies

Published study data; A Perioperative cost analysis comparing single-level mis and open TLIF

Longer Surgical Time.3

Fixed Insertion Height.2

Distraction Dependent.2

1. Data on File. Review of Data from Dr. Zeshan Hyder, Bone & Joint Specialists, Merryville, IN

2. Gussous, Y.M., Jain, N., Khan, S.N., Posterior Based Lumbar Interbody Fusion Devices; Static and Expandable Technology, Seminars in Spine Surgery, Dec 2018, Vol 30, Issue 4, pgs 203-206

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