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Implant System

The PROLIFT Wedge Implant System with OSSEO-LOC Surface Technology is a lordotic expandable implant for TLIF and PLIF procedures. Designed to optimally fit into the disc space which can help maintain coronal alignment while achieving sagittal correction. PROLIFT Wedge offers multiple implant heights to match patient anatomy along with controlled lordotic expansion up to 15° to meet each patient’s clinical need.

  • Controlled lordotic expansion up to 15º
  • Designed for reduced disruption to bony elements even with high lordosis expansion
  • Osseo-Loc Surface Technology
  • Bulleted Tip Simplifies Insertion
  • In Situ Graft Delivery
  • Visual & Tactile Confirmation to Prevent Over Distraction
  • Streamlined Instrumentation for Simple, Reliable Procedures

Procedural Solutions

OSTEO-LINK® 100% Demineralized Bone Matrix

  • 100% allograft bone processed using a proprietary demineralization process
  • Allows the clinician to hydrate it with the patient’s own stem cells, BMA, growth factors, PRP, or with an antibiotic solution

AVATAR® Minimally Invasive Spinal System


The AVATAR MIS System offers cannulated pedicle screws inserted over a guide wire to reduce muscle and tissue trauma.  Extended tabs integrated to the screws provide a pathway for secure implantation of the rod while minimizing tissue dissection.  Reduction, compression and distraction are achieved simply and effectively with intuitive instrumentation.

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