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Micro Invasive Patient

Richard, 62

Surgery performed by Dr. Zeshan Hyder, Bone & Joint Specialists, IN

My name is Richard and I’m 62 years old. I had an MIS TLIF procedure done a few months ago by Dr. Zeshan Hyder and when I woke up from surgery, the pain in my right leg was gone, that quick!

The pain in my back started back when I was 15 years old. I have tried back braces, body casts, numerous injections and it’s gotten to the point where no matter what i do, nothing seems to be helping.

Now, it has gotten so bad that my legs turn numb, and sometimes I end up falling because of it. You just deal with it and do the best that you can.. I have been my whole life until I decided to to get the surgery.

The surgeon decided that i needed surgery right away. Once I had the surgery, my hospital stay was meant to be 3-4 days, but the morning after surgery I was moving around and ready to go home! I am more stable than I ever was. I was very shaky and jittery in the past due to the pain and I felt like I just didn’t have the strength to do anything – Now that is all coming back better than ever.

I am glad I got the surgery done, the results speak for themselves. I was concerned that the older I get the worse it is going to get, and I didn’t want to be crippled up with my previous conditions. I got the surgery done and I am no longer in pain. If you are having any problems, I highly recommend getting it checked out…don’t sit on it.

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