Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System

The SOLSTICE Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic (OCT) System provides rigid stabilization to promote fusion in the posterior occipito-cervico-thoracic regions of the spine. The system contains easy to use implants and instruments that address simple and complex cases and unique patient anatomies.

The SOLSTICE OCT System incorporates a number of features that make the system uniquely designed to increase the speed, ease of use, and reliability of posterior occipito-cervico-thoracic fixation of the spine.

  • Generous polyaxial head angulation facilitates optimal screw placement
  • Polyaxial “friction head” feature maintains screw head position within the surgical site
  • Pre-timed locking cap assembly reduces the chance of cross-threading

Procedural Solutions

OSTEO-LINK® 100% Demineralized Bone Matrix

  • 100% allograft bone processed using a proprietary demineralization process
  • Allows the clinician to hydrate it with the patient’s own stem cells, BMA, growth factors, PRP, or with an antibiotic solution

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