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Pedicle-Based Retractor System

The CENTRIC-T Pedicle-Based Retractor simplies MIS TLIF exposure and disc work, providing surgeons with the ability to retract soft tissue and distract the disc space. Modular Taps seamlessly integrate with the AVATAR MIS Pedicle Screw procedure, docking retractor blades to the pedicles and eliminating concerns about tunnel widening and loss of screw purchase. Built-in variability between the blades and taps make attachment to the retractor’s frame easy despite the tightest of disc spaces. Ample tow capabilities for each blade allows surgeons to maximize working space through minimized incisions.

  • Maximized simplicity and minimized procedural steps
  • Blades attach directly to the pedicles using a variety of undersized AVATAR Modular Taps, combining surgical steps while eliminating concerns of screw tunnel widening during discectomy
  • Up to 40 degrees of inward and outward blade tow to accommodate variances in blade trajectories and adequately distract the foramen

Procedural Solutions

PROLIFT® Expandable Spacer System

  • Controlled in-situ expansion allows for maximum disc height restoration
  • Bulleted tip simplifies insertion
  • Tactile confirmation prevents over distraction

AVATAR® Minimally Invasive Spinal System

  • Multiple methods of rod insertion including muscle splitting and true percutaneous
  • Extended tabs provide rigid connection to instrumentation for secure implantation of the screws
  • Tabs are removed with ease in a single motion

OSTEO-LINK® 100% Demineralized Bone Matrix

  • 100% Allograft bone processed using proprietary demineralization process
  • Allows the clinician to hydrate with patient’s own stem cells, BMA, growth factors, PRP, or with an antibiotic solution