Expandable Spacer System

The TRULIFT Expandable Spacer System with OSSEO-LOC® Surface Technology is the next generation in micro invasive technology from Life Spine for TLIF and PLIF procedures. Designed to allow for true positioning of the implant, TRULIFT provides a pure cephalad/caudal height expansion allowing for increased endplate coverage. With streamlined instrumentation, TRULIFT can help simplify the procedure while minimizing tissue disruption, nerve retraction, and restore patient alignment.

  • up to 6mm of expansion
  • Osseo-Loc Surface Technology
  • In Situ Graft Delivery
  • Ability to collapse/expand in situ for repositioning

OSTEO-LINK® 100% Demineralized Bone Matrix

  • 100% allograft bone processed using a proprietary demineralization process
  • Allows the clinician to hydrate it with the patient’s own stem cells, BMA, growth factors, PRP, or with an antibiotic solution

AVATAR® Minimally Invasive Spinal System


The AVATAR MIS System offers cannulated pedicle screws inserted over a guide wire to reduce muscle and tissue trauma.  Extended tabs integrated to the screws provide a pathway for secure implantation of the rod while minimizing tissue dissection.  Reduction, compression and distraction are achieved simply and effectively with intuitive instrumentation.

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